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Try before you buy a rooftop tent

If you ever wanted to try the Roof Top Tent camping experience, but didn't want to invest in the purchase of a tent yet? Rent an Outland Motorworks RTT to make sure it is a good investment for you and your family.

We offer all models for rent and if you decide to purchase a tent, we will put half of your rental fee toward the price of the tent! (trailer rental exclusions apply)

Rooftop Tents (RTT) provide campers with a comfortable night’s sleep in the great outdoors.

Camping in a RTT has many key benefits over a traditional tent:

Being completely elevated above ground allows campers to forget about uneven terrain, unwanted critters and rain soaked sleeping bags.

The set-up is quick and easy with a foam mattress and bedding that is already set to go inside.

Not only is the view perfect for stargazing- but a RTT is practically a tree fort for the curious little campers.

There are also a variety of awnings, windows, and screens to dial in your comfort level based upon the weather.